• Brett
  • 20 years ago

If you have any requests, please feel free to leave a comment here, and we will post items randomly as we come across them.

When making requests, please include:

Artist + Title of Item
Link on iTunes Store
If not an iTunes item, the format you’d prefer it to be posted in
Multiple requests of the same item will be deleted, so don’t keep asking for the same thing!

DO NOT ask for “Discographies”. Generally, if you request an item from an artist, we will also post everything we have of their material. If you see one or 2 things we don’t have, feel free to request them, but we won’t post full discographies of artists who have dozens of releases unless we already have them.

Strict limit of 1 request per person at a time maximum. Request more than 1 item, and they will all be deleted!

If you have had a request posted in the past few weeks, no more requests for at least another few weeks – don’t be greedy!

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