George Michael | This Is How (We Want You to Get High) – Single [iTunes Plus]

  • Brett
  • 7 months ago

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  • Incredible. Thanks, as always, Brett.

    Avatar ccartola 7th November 2019 9:45 am Reply
  • Thank you so so much…
    You are always reliable…So much appreciated…

    Avatar Daniel 7th November 2019 3:14 pm Reply
    • If youre mad in love with one lane of artist and genre. He’s incredible at sharing, but if you like anything outside pop. This year of msb has been almost abysmal. I impacted so much by music that I still like to read comments of other visitors who find what theyre hoping for. Happy Holidays to you.

      Avatar 70sJets 7th November 2019 6:15 pm Reply
      • I think Brett’s incredibly generous & diligent to post so much music for free, especially new releases. I too venture outside of pop, but I’m grateful for what’s given.

        That’s pretty harsh to call the site “abysmal” for not him not posting music of your preference. If you’re unhappy perhaps find another website, or god forbid, pay for it?

        Avatar Armindo 7th November 2019 9:36 pm Reply
        • To the intial point I say “good for you sir your pov is respected!” and secondly: sorry you feel so strongly, but that’s not even in direct relation to what I’d commented. Don’t twist the words of another…this is even more rude. Lol. The site is a dream-find. Never noted differently. In fact, I take it that you didn’t read the part about the way I still read posts made by others who are pleased and in support of titles, whether I need/love the music or not?? Onward, (speaking hypothetically) if someone wanted variety for this calender year then in terms of taste and by a standard of math. 2019 additions to msb would “almost” be abysmal. And Who says I don’t buy available music. Anyway, we all have opinions. Thanks for sharing yours. Have a good day.

          Avatar 70sJetpack 7th November 2019 11:08 pm Reply
          • I think your english skills are not good & perhaps you need to be respectful of what you say.

            If you look at the definition of “abysmal” that is quite offensive, especially to someone who is doing something nice for you without asking for anything in return.

            I’m sure there are other websites that will provide you the music you like. I feel your comments aren’t even an opinion, just a way for you to greedily ask for what you want. Thanks to Brett for your kindness. We support you and your website!

            Avatar Jackie 8th November 2019 12:07 pm
  • Thank you so much Brett! Didn’t even know this was happening and you know I love George.

    Avatar HeBop 8th November 2019 7:25 pm Reply
  • @Jackie Baseless and useless input to an otherwise cordial exchange beforehand, and surely a lengthy response to something you went ahead to dub as poor english. Just maybe were you honestly astute enough to process and read everything — Not cherry pick parts ineffecfively — then you’d understand better. You should Highlight the imaginary request for artist, title or even a specified ad genre on this thread, since, to you, it’s a way to “ask for” what’s wanted “greedily”. I read and see no indication of this. Still, it’s obvious that, in the argumentative mind, this happened without being printed. How about (since you’re completely happy with the library as is) just post a thankful reply to the site admin/author instead of trying and failing to indict previous commenters.

    Avatar goosebumpseries 9th November 2019 3:28 pm Reply

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